Aitec Africa

Aitec Africa run a number of well-attended shows. Here’s a list of its 2013 schedule:

  • 13-14 March, Lagos, AITEC Banking & Mobile Money West Africa19-20 March, Accra, AITEC Banking & Mobile Money West Africa15-16 May, Kigali, AITEC Rwanda ICT Summit17-18 June, Nairobi, Broadcast, Film & Music Africa
  • 17-18 June, Nairobi, Africa Media Business Exchange
  • 11-12 September, Nairobi, AITEC Banking & Mobile Money COMESA
  • 11-12 September, Nairobi, Insure Africa
  • 23-24 October, Maputo, AITEC Southern Africa ICT Summit
  • 27-28 November, Nairobi, AITEC East Africa ICT Summit
  • 27-28 November, Nairobi, AfriHealth