May 2014 already!

Barely a day goes by without an African front page story in an international paper. Oscar Pistorius, troubles in Nigeria, the internet being shut down in Somalia, the list goes on and on…

But those of us working in Africa with entrepreneurs and influencers know plenty of inspiring stories about people who are working tirelessly to build Africa’s infrastructure.

At TelecomsPRAfrica we also work hard – to ensure that the international media knows about the success stories in Africa and to put our clients in front of their customers and prospects.

This month we are working a whole raft of marketing activities: EastAfricaCom, the telecoms trade show for East Africa; a media tour in Nigeria; a product launch in Cameroon as well as our usual bread and better of media and analyst relations.

We’ve also started working with a Swedish power company which has developed a machine which converts bio-mass to electricity. Not our usual telecoms speciality but an exciting company with its eye on the African market.

Before we know it, it’ll be June and time to start working on award entries for AfricaCom and Capacity!