World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers

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Every year the World Economic Forum produces a list of Technology Pioneers, companies that are the most innovative technology start-ups with the potential to transform the future of business and society.

Previous Technology Pioneers include Google (2001), Wikimedia (2008), Twitter (2010) and Kickstarter (2012).

And our clients too – OMC Power this year and VNL in 2010.

We prepared and submitted  applications on behalf of both companies whose businesses and global brands were both strengthened by acknowledgement of their achievements and vision by the World Economic Forum.

A piece about VNL and the World Economic Forum also appeared in TIME magazine which you can read here:,28804,1948486_1948485_1948477,00.html

We are currently crafting submissions for various clients for the 2015 list.

More details about the awards are here: